Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer an API for me to extend your features?

Yes, BookingSync has a developer API for you or your developers to extend BookingSync to your personal needs.

Learn more about BookingSync API.

Which languages are available?

BookingSync is available in English and French.


What is a channel?

A Portal is a website that offers to list your vacation rental for travelers to find. Some of the most known are: HomeAway, FlipKey (a TripAdvisor company), Airbnb, VRBO.

What is a channel's listing?

A portal's listing refer to your vacation rental advert on a portal. This is a page dedicated to your property on the advertiser's website.

Which channels do you support?

BookingSync works with a large number of portals, and is willing to collaborate with others in order to leave you with the freedom to choose your best marketing partners. 

Here is the complete list of supported portals:


Does BookingSync offer a centralized mailbox?

BookingSync doesn't offer a centralized mailbox because oday the channels don't offer a reliable solution to synchronized the messages (API). The only solutions we could set up would be based on "hacks" that breaks each time the channel change something on its side. We'd rather offer no solution than a precarious solution.

By the way, we are in contact with our partner channels on this topic.


Is BookingSync PCI Compliant?

Yes, BookingSync is certified Level 3 PCI DSS compliant.

We are very serious about securely hosting our online booking software and have invested significant time and money to certify our solution PCI compliant. From assessments validating compliance to continuous risk management, we work really hard to ensure our booking management software and web hosting is secure.

How do you keep my data secure?

Daily Backup

With automatic daily backup, BookingSync protects your business and gives you peace of mind.


BookingSync’s three-pronged approach to security helps protect you. We adhere to industry standards to manage our network, secure our Web and client applications, and set policies across our entire organization, ensuring the highest level of security