All the information to manage your Smily account!

Manage your rentals

Learn how to manage your properties from the "Rentals" section of your account.

Manage your tasks

Learn how to use our NEW task management feature for organizing and tracking tasks

Set up your rates

Find out how to set up and manage your rates & optimize revenues from your rentals!

Manage your bookings

Discover how to create new bookings and manage your calendar across the different views.

All about payments

Introduction to payments recordings and management, payment gateways, deposit and refunds.

Your website

Create and manage your BookingSync website or customize your own with our widgets.

Send notifications

Keep your staff and guests informed with BookingSync's Notifications app.

Price Manager Apps

Let our yield management partners define the best rate and pricing strategy to maximize your revenues!

Other Apps

Discover how you can extend the BookingSync features to make it the ultimate vacational rental management tool!

Centralize conversations

The inbox allows you to manage the communication with your guests without having to connect to a third party app.


Get on board and discover all BookingSync features through the set up of your account.