Getting Started

Discover with a few articles how to set-up your BookingSync account.


Manage your bookings with several views. Create your direct bookings.


Learn how to manage your properties from the Rentals section of your account.


Collect, check and expose your reviews easily!


Easily publish your calendar and/or inquiry form directly on your own website.

Connectivity Apps

Discover how you can extend the visibility of your rentals thanks to our connectivity apps: Airbnb, and m...

Yield Manager Apps

Let our yield manager partners define the best rate and pricing strategy to maximize your revenues!

Other Apps

Discover how you can extend the BookingSync features thanks to our App Center.


Integrate our widgets in your own website!


Configure your account thanks to the Settings sections.

Channels & Sync

Overview of the different ways to connect BookingSync to other systems.


Offline or online, learn how to manage payments!